Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fats Desserting a Stinking Ship

First Newt Gingrich, but Newt walked it back

Now Chris Christie (Governor of New Jersey)

says that humans are changing the climate and not for the best. Marc Morano, in the words of David Appell, is not a happy camper having to ride herd on all the little doggies.


Anonymous said...

Newts are so not furry, but I enjoyed his take on attribution:

"To what degree are we certain that we don’t have patterns we don’t understand yet, that may or may not involve human contributions?"

Palin's refusal to attribute every human activity to changes in the climate was lucid by comparison.


EliRabett said...

Chris is speaking Italian.

Brian said...

Chris is also speaking Republican in a Blue state. Morano's actually right in a sense that Christie's taking a stance that gets him by in NJ but not on a national level, and that's okay for a man who will eventually want a second term.

It's good to see some political pressure pull a Republican towards reality for a change.

Anonymous said...

Christie also seems to be going out of his way in helping add to those emissions, too. Such generosity needs to be rewarded.

four bit rabbit

susan said...

Talk is cheap. Christie got rid of the millionaire tax and is firing teachers. New Jersey will be a real mess when he gets done with it, but his wealthy friends will be just fine.

I am deeply suspicious of the idea that whatever he plans will help the environment, but he seems to have deceived a whole lot of people with what appears to be doubletalk to me on climate change. It says a lot about us that we will take emptiness for preference over active hostility. Reality doesn't get by on speech, it requires action. Nothing is not enough better than something bad.