Friday, March 25, 2011

Re-Write: Mary Rosh Calling

In a delightful example of time travel, Mary Rosh has gone after Media Matters for misquoting his website, of course, after changing what is on his web site. Mary Rosh you ask, ain't that a her? Well, Deltoid's Tim L, after sexing the dear (it's sort of like sexing chickens which can only be done by Koreans, doing this for sock puppets appears to be a skill that only Aussies have) has an entire file of the fun games that John Lott plays but this is a doozy.

On March 22 Media Matters quoted Lott's site

Lott also criticized Obama for a request made by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) citing an out-of-date article, saying that the Obama administration has "also imposed much more extensive reporting requirements on sales of long guns."

Lott responds:

In fact, my quote is "They have also tried imposing much more extensive reporting requirements on sales of long guns." Besides, even if the point had been honestly misread, if someone has tried to check the link, the point would have been clear. Nice try Media Matters.

and that's what it reads NOW, but not what it read on March 22. Worse, Lott didn't even scrub the page where he made the alterations. It's getting so bad that Eli can't even trust Mary Rosh.


Anna said...

Yes...or it may be a Tactic, the initial move of a "Binary Tu Quoque" gambit making use of the trouble inattentive folk have in distinguishing shades of gray.

...or not.

Steve Bloom said...

The spit curl is a nice touch. Your graphic?

manuel moe g said...

The eyebrows in the picture on the left are drawn unconvincingly.

John said...

John Lott has received a good deal of fame for his book, More Guns, Less Crime. And he was a Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) from 2001-2006.

So now we know what it takes to make it as an AEI Resident Scholar!

Horatio Algeranon said...

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your stardom grow?
With website changes, and rearranges,
And sock puppets all in a row.

Anonymous said...

Re Write picture