Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fun and Games Sunday

Ever wonder where you could get on the bus, here, courtesy of coeruleus is Mapnificent (app at the link). It comes with video


Jim Bouldin said...

Excellent. All kinds of people doing what they can to make the world a little bit better. Thanks Eli.

jyyh said...

Nice! More often than not I've missed a bus by 2 minutes because I've not bothered to memorize the timetable. After missing one it's usually better to walk where ever I'm going. I don't move around lot by car anyway (most services found within 3 miles), but sometimes that one would be very nice to have.

joabbess said...


Mr Rabbit, please can you stop the autoplay of the news report on your front page. It's very annoying.

Also, do you have any opinions about this :-

"Does Muller think his latest project will make any difference? "Maybe we'll find out that what the other groups do is absolutely right, but we're doing this in a new way. If the only thing we do is allow a consensus to be reached as to what is going on with global warming, a true consensus, not one based on politics, then it will be an enormously valuable achievement.""

Climate Change science is "political" ? Sorry. Does not compute.
Climate Change scepticism is "politicised", however.

EliRabett said...

Killed that off a couple of days ago, at least on Firefox. What browser are you using

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering about Muller's Berkeley Earth project lately. It is actively pushed by Curry and got some traction in the media, yet there is no result at all to talk about, yet. Even the website is a joke. It has the vanity bio pages, but if you look for data or results ... *crickets chirping*. They claim to have collected and tidied up the raw data, that's at least how I read their methodology page. They proudly produce graphics of their station count, but there's no way to access the data. Will they even be allowed to publish the data, given the usage restrictions of other countries metereological offices? From their FAQ:

How soon can we have access to the data?

We are working on this now, and hope to have the data available to the public in a relatively easy-to-use way in the first half of 2011.

The purported "schematic outline of the approach [they] are currently pursuing" is so general as to being useless; high on "wants", low on "how", and some useless formulas sprinkled in as eye candy. The "Initial Findings" page takes the cake: "The Berkeley Earth Suface Temperature team hopes to have initial findings available in early 2011."

There used to be a time, when you simply published your findings. Then came the time, where you published a press release as soon as your paper was in print. But Muller's group seems to take this a step further. So far they have nothing of substance to offer, but have been covered by The Daily Californian and now in The Guardian nonetheless. So what is this all about?

Anonymous said...

The audio just kicked in when I check out the front page in Chrome.

Re missing the bus - here in Ottawa someone created a mobile app that used the GPS systems to estimate arrival times etc. The city pulled the plug on it, saying the GPS data wasn't reliable enough and that they were working on a new app.

Ice Mouse

J Bowers said...

Sorry for the Rabett Hole fodder, but everyone should read this at some point...

I Ruined Everything

BTW, Anonymous are trying to do an HBGary on the Koch brothers.

Coeruleus said...

oh hey! Thx, Rabett. Maybe I should start posting more regularly again.