Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mashey tweets

John Mashey on behalf of himself and deepclimate moans

While the wegman report is providing much food, one actually does have to hunt it down and bring UT back ...

And then monckton just offers a 446-course banquet already prepared.
and continues
%$%$%$ The Viscount's offering is like Chinese menu, even conveniently numbered.

Wegman's is more like an elephant carcass.


Adrian Cockcroft said...

And what is John's twitter name, so we can follow this ourselves?

Michael Tobis said...

And what's Eli's for that matter?

Two people I'd never expect to see on Twitter...

John Mashey said...

My wife made me do it, just to see what was like, a while back.

However, I have yet to tweet...
I have a tiny number of followers, of whom I've heard of exactly one.

Butchering a big carcass does not lend itself to tweets.
And it's too big for Ethon to carry off in one swoop.