Thursday, April 08, 2010

Greenhouse in a Java jar

While Ethon was out in Boulder pecking away, he thought it would be like nice to bring Eli a gift. The PhET project has a huge number of really cool (the Bunnies ARE nerds:) science simulations, among which is the greenhouse in a java jar, which, among other things lets you play with the level of greenhouse gases, the solar insolation, the clouds and more. Enjoy

As you change the conditions the temperature of the surface changes as it does naturally.


Anonymous said...

Nice graphic Eli, shall be having a play with that. Great visual way to explain the science.

Anonymous said...

I know with scientists it is 'always', just about the science(To Know). After thinking for just a bit... doesn't it seem strange to you, that an electronic model tells the viewer through graphics what he can expect from the world around him? You all, say that it gives us a true relationship. However slot machines in Vegas, are adjustable for the payout amounts. Electronically, not randomly. Not that that means anything... For this old bird, predict with accuracy what will happen in the real world around us; before you model. Ok? Thank you, the Management