Saturday, March 20, 2010

Suggestions needed

Some bunnies, not Eli, the Rabett hastens to add, would let it go to their ears when Michael Ashley writes in the comments

Hi Eli,
Just thought that you would like to know that this thread inspired me to write my recent opinion piece here.
B'rer Ashley

B'rer Ashley has it right, when he addresses Mr Maurice Newman, Chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

The "skeptical scientists" who are quoted in the media almost invariably have few to no publications in the field and are often in the twilight of their careers. Their "theories" are illogical, incoherent, and inconsistent. Yet far from being suppressed by the media, they are given extraordinary access and are regularly asked to comment. Worse, they are usually portrayed as experts - regardless of their lack of expertise in climate research.

You can easily prove me wrong, all you have to do is name just one scientist who has published a viable alternative theory in a credible science journal, that hasn't since been debunked. I bet you can't do it.

and at the end brings the scary
To provide true balance, the ABC should instead be giving airtime to where there is truly informed disagreement: the many expert climate scientists who think that the IPCC has seriously underestimated the likely future rate of climate change.
Now Eli is not, he hastens to add, trying to steal Tim Lambert's thunder, or his site views (although Tim has more than enough of those). Tim had this earlier, but when Eli got to the ABC site the comments were already closed. The bunnies need a better way of spreading the word when something important hits the mainstream media, the blogs, and even the forums. Folks like B'rer Ashley deserve support. Many places all that is needed is to check off the posts of others that you support (dotearth is one of those), don't have to write anything yourself.

Suggestions?? Something like an events of the day box at the top??


bruced said...

One radio commentator from the ABC, Richard Glover, has a nice take on his boss here (
" What happens when Maurice Newman, climate agnostic and ABC chairman, goes to the doctor? Does he storm from the office when they diagnose chickenpox and seek second, third and 99th opinions until he finds a doctor who will give him the all clear? And does he then decry the first 98 doctors as victims of “group-think”?

No. Because it would be mental."
The rest of the article is an interesting point-of-view not from a scientist but one who as he says "can evaluate the debating techniques used by both sides. And here, the global-warming sceptics are very, very annoying."
And for the global audience, Lara Bingle is the Aus equivalent of Paris Hilton.

Anonymous said...

Nathan says:

During the reign of the Liberal (read Conservative) Party in Australia, from 1996 to 2007, they slowly but surely replaced the board of the ABC with Neo-con cronies. It's no surprise the ABC leads the charge on phoney 'balance'.

You should look at the other members of the Board, like Keith Windschuttle... urgh, wht an awful human being.