Saturday, January 02, 2010

Double Whammy

It looks like the El Nino is heating up

just in time for the solar cycle 24 to kick in

Oh yeah, for you deficit hawks out there, LASP kicked back $3 mil to NASA for cost savings. Wonder if there is a back story?

Looks like a warm time comin ;)


Anonymous said...

Proves nothing of course, but we're in the coldest spell in the UK for decades with no end in sight to it. Indeed, when it's been cold over the last several decades it's not been very cold, or it's not lasted. This spell *is* different - it really looks like being prolonged and perhaps severe. All rather odd, but, of course, just weather - grist to the sceptic mill though...

Anonymous said...

Now, who it was who said something about stopping the gulf stream? Like, if there's a large enough of surge of ice for whatever reason from the north to the path of the stream it will melt on it and cool it down? Normally, you see, them ice floes melt down only in the fall but if they get to the stream, this happens. Remembring some reports last fall most of the fat ice broke to pieces last summer and is now coming in with extra speed. The extra water that is needed to boost the flow is comin from the Pacific, I guess, I wonder if Eli or some oceanographer near Bering strait knows this for sure.

Deech56 said...

Those intrepid warriors at WUWT aren't missing a trick with that "cold UK" story. Let no tree in the forest be unexamined.

Recovering in the Florida Keys said...

Now Eli, is that climate or weather?

EliRabett said...

Well, this too shall pass. Eli spent the winter of 1986-7 in England, and let him tell you

a) It was cold as hell

b) It was so cold that the damn waste pipes that run outside the house in that third world country froze and when they thawed in the spring, IT WAS NOT PRETTY

c) The heating systems sucked major league. Ms Rabett spent the entire time huddled in front of the bar heater during the day and sleeping on the oil storage heater at night. She was not pleased.

EliRabett said...

Dallas, the answer is yes.

Anonymous said...

"Well, this too shall pass. Eli spent the winter of 1986-7 in England, and let him tell you

a) It was cold as hell

Bad luck, Eli, January 1987 featured the coldest spell of weather in the UK since about 1740...

This current cold spell is already fairly prolonged and will last several more days at least and probably longer. Still, if you add .2C a decade to our climate cold spells are still very possible. I hope E.N. shows it's effect here soon, in Feb 1998 it was like mid spring :)

guthrie said...

The last 3 years, especially 2008 and 2007, here in central Scotland, it has been like spring in February.

Which is utterly wrong. When I were a lad, a mere 15 years ago, spring arrived at the end of March. Now it starts in February, gets stalled in March as the last frosts hit the plants and then continues as normal.

The current cold season will be due to unusual things happening with the air masses over the UK, precisely what I cannot say, I don't know enough right now.

As for third world countries, we had an american 'troubleshooter' over from our (well, Ok I don't work there anymore) parent company last year, and he considered Scotland to be a third world country. Seeing as he was a racist texan jackass with no mangerial skills and little technical knowledge, from a country which has a poor health system, invades other countries for the power and money and so on, we should have dropped him in Drumchapel and seen how long he survived.

Anonymous said...

He was a "racist texan jackass with no managerial skills" ???

Relax, he's not the President any more. And even when he was, he really wan't. Cheney was the real President.

anonymous aardvark

Nick Barnes said...

January 1987
I remember it well. Building snowmen on the Cam. But it was nothing like as cold as 62/3. Not even close.

The way in which some people love to change the subject from global climate data to local weather anecdote is quite entertaining.

EliRabett said...

We talk about the weather, we worry about the climate.

Adam said...

Cold as the back door of hell in the U. S. this week. Doesn't mean squat, but that doesn't stop the letters to the editor from deniers.

Meanwhile, another TV Weatherman, Neil Frank, has an op-ed in the Houston Chronicle preaching to the ever-receptive choir:

The chasm between those who have a clue about climate science and the general populace yawns wider every day. Copenhagen fell into this crack; modern civilization is clinging to the brink.

skanky said...

It's this lovely omega block jet pattern (see also Arctic random fluctuation AKA AO).

That's why some parts of Canada and Eastern Russia are a lot warmer than normal (~10C I hear).