Saturday, November 28, 2009

Global Warming Threat Enrages Australian Camels

In a predictable (Hansen got it right in his 1988 testimony to the US Congress) outcome of the Australian's War on Science, thirsty camels are besieging outback towns in protest of the mounting spittle emanating from such worthies as Ian Plimer as the Copenhagen international conference on how to deal with climate change nears. Joe Camel IV, spokescamel for the protest movement released a statement to the press saying that

Spittle is a proprietary camel product, not only are these denialists stealing our signature issue but by producing their own homebrew spittle, they are drying out the water sources from which we manufacture highest quality Australian spittle. Should this continue we will have to import spittle to supply our wingnuts from China, which will sound very funny, or worse, low quality, high quantity spittle from the US. In the worst case we have made arrangement with Climate Audit and Watts Up With That to purchase wholesale quantities from their used comments section.

The camels are very disappointed in our friends, after we worked so well with them on Tobacco Denial. My grandfather, Joe Camel, played a major role in recruiting new young smokers at the same time that such worthies as the Freds, Singer and Seitz, were providing science sounding cover for the Tobacco Institute.

We have already passed peak water, and the government has to meet this problem In this we are joined by our furry friends, the bunnies, who have too long been oppressed by that nasty Rabett Fence.
Video at the link

Donations should be sent to the Camel Fund for Denial of Climate Denialism

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John Mashey said...

This blog is a zoo ...

but seriously, my wife has seen some of those camels in the the wilds of Oz, and they do seem a tough bunch, wise not to mess with them.