Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ethon extends to Snack another opportunity for horror and shock or is that shock and horror?

In an amazing display of how to handle Richard Courtney the first Dano, Raiya, C_L and others hand the dirty (coal division) old boy his head. Before slinking off the dirty old boy himself utters an accusation of genocide:

Constraining the carbon dioxide emissions at their present level would deliberately kill at least 2 billion people - mostly children – before the middle of this century. And reducing the emissions would kill more millions – possibly billions – of people. This would be genocide of a magnitude not previously possible in all human history.
Ethon eagerly awaits a declaration from the usual suspects that this is beyond the pale.

BTW, read, or skim the thread, it is a good example of where the public discussion is going and how opposing the denialists with the two pronged attack of ridicule and science works and why it is important to have publicly accessible detailed information on the science in a quotable form. All three elements are needed.

Back now to our regularly scheduled program.


Anonymous said...

The Courtney just provided an argument for not only putting bad-faith denialists on trial for crimes against humanity, but to allow such trials to be posthumous. A novel notion perhaps; I am trying to imagine how the survivors will feel after, with thanks to The Courney et al., six billion people perish around 2040 or so to the effects of unmitigated climate change. Justice is for them.

No joke.


Dano said...

One wonders whether such doomsayer predictions are alarmist.

Or whether they are Mathusian. Ehrlichian. Or more of the 'DOW 36,000' variety, in that they are dismissible because they implicitly acknowledge The Free Market (TM).



bi -- International Journal of Inactivism said...





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guthrie said...

It is a clear sign that Courtney has lost it- nobody else claiming to be a big cheese on the denialist side of things trolls websites looking for gullible people, do they?

Anonymous said...

More resume padding by our hero in the latest Cato ad.

Richard Courtney, PhD
Reviewer, Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change


Hank Roberts said...

There is actually one, and only one, Richard Courtney, Ph.D. So the list is not just an error, it's a falsehood.

The real Dr. Courtney is in Pennsylvania I think -- no relation to the British guy.

The British guy has a friend or two at a yacht harbor who posted at DeSmog saying he was a nice guy, in this thread. I'm sure they're right.