Thursday, May 22, 2008


Eli is being held prisoner by Ms. Rabett. Have briefly escaped to send this message. Will return June 2


Anonymous said...

Accept your fate. I was held prisoner all day by Mrs. Tamino *and* the mother-in-law. The same fate awaits me tomorrow; there's no escape.

Anonymous said...

Fear Not oh great Rabett! We are coming to get you free. We will depart right away and ...... wait a minute.

What was that honey ..... you need me to pick up some things for your mother - of course, right away.

Well, maybe the rescue will come later.

Yelling in the Fog

Anonymous said...

When I was younger,
so much younger than today,
I never needed anybody's help
in any way.

But now these days are gone,
I'm not so self assured,
Now I find I've changed my mind
and opened up the doors.

Arch Stanton

Magnus said...

Well, midnite came and clock did strike
And in she came, did Rabett's wife
With legs like scissors and butcher's knives
A tattooed breast and flaming eyes
And a crimson carnation in her teeth
Carving her way through the dance floor
And I'm standing over by the bandstand
Every eye gaping on RAabett's wife
Yeah, every eye gaping on Rabett's wife...


Horatio Algeranon said...

Don't expect us mice to save you, Eli.

There are cats about, you know...

...and bulldog's too (in this very thread)

Anonymous said...

and Ethon is too fat.

amoeba said...

A little light humour
If you download the .mp3 file you can hear this from 26.50. Download available for seven days.

From an Edespatch from the Institute of Actuaries

[Note: I know that this doesn't make sense, I typed it as it was read-out.]

Any opinions or advice contained within are not necessarily those of nor a wholly owned subsidiary thereof nor authorised or regulated by the Financial Services Authority and are intended as general guidance only and do not constitute advice or a contract in law. Help I'm being held prisoner by the Institute of Actuaries they keep me in a windowless office and make stuff envelopes all day, if I don't stuff enough they beat me, please help!"

Newsquiz 24.05.2008

If it doesn't make you laugh, many apologies for silly British humour!

Anonymous said...

Well, there's the bad side of being held prisoner, like when Natasha wants me to attend a "couples" baby shower.

And then there's good being held prisoner, like when Natasha...well, I'll assume a Rabbet is familiar with the concept.

Anonymous said...

She hasn't been reading "Nude Scientist" again, has she?

Anonymous said...

June 3: No carrot breath yet. Mrs. Rabbit must be a fox.

Arch Stanton