Thursday, March 27, 2008


John Mashey's take on Schulte's E&E paper has stirred the firm of Monckton of Brenchley (not verified) to threaten dire dires. This is something to link to. Pass the popcorn


John Mashey said...

Well, actually, it wasn't my take on the paper, it was my take on all the weird threats, PR actions, bypassing of normal scientific publishing flow, attack-by-Businesswire, etc.

Investigating the information flow was more interesting than reading the paper.

In any case, read the comment where I ask readers to assess if the Viscount's comments have effectively confirmed the patient-doctor relationship with Mr. Schulte.

guthrie said...

Gerhard Kramm has also appeared on Deltoid, claiming the bunny is wwrong, but not actually addressing the issues that Smith had with his reasoning.

Something isn't quite right in his argument, but radiation physics is still something I am not au fait with.

Anonymous said...

I've asked this before, and I'll ask it again:

Who Will Monckton Threaten To Sue Next?

... Maybe someone can make "Viscount Monckton Wants To Sue Me" web awards or T-shirts.

-- bi, Global Dumbing

Anonymous said...

People who threaten to sue are pussies. Little maggoty worms. Usually brits too. But I repeat myself.

Anonymous said...

Ok. I just looked at Mashey's crap. What a fucking mess. Almost every sentence has a grammar mistake. And the presentation is butt-awful looking in terms of fonts, section breaks. And then the text. Sheesh. Seriously, bunny, you do better than this idiot on a bad day. Rip him, rip him to shreds, I say!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a law of the internet that if you post a grammar complaint, your post post will contain a mistake itself. So there. He's still a freak, bunnster.

He's not good enough for your side. Throw him in the middle and let's have both sides ride chariots over him like in Ben Hur or something.

Dano said...

TCO, write your comments before you hit the drinky-drink. They are much better before. Mean after. Jus' sayin'.



Anonymous said...

We want you to be our tree-coring bitch (I mean field sampling manager) for the skeptic funded primary dendro study.