Saturday, February 02, 2008

Please patronize our advertisers

With the rise of the blorg and various Elmer Fuddish activity down under and up north, the costs of operating this emporium have risen. Thus Eli has been forced to take advertising in the hope that Google will make him an offer he can't refuse. All funds will go to the Bunny Friend Alliance.


Anonymous said...

Your advertisers are weak, tacky, and inbred.

Patronizing enough?

Anonymous said...

OK, totally OT. But with spring happening earlier thanks to global warming, is groundhog day going to move to mid-January? Here in MD there was a shadow, but I am hearing the robins singing already.

Anonymous said...

Just relax, Prof. Rabett... You've proven time and time again that you can outwit *not only* Elmer Fudd, but the entire sack of looney characters as well!;~)

Horatio Algeranon said...

What's the going rate for your ads, anyway?

Do they pay you in fermented carrot juice?

Anonymous said...

I've seen better ads.

[Is that patronising enough?] :-)

I thought the rabbits were cute and cuddly, but the love birds and penguins were better. And the supersonic flamingo ... well!

I was disappointed that, since sex sells, sex was only implied. Gratuitous, explicit use of bunny fornication was sought, but it all happened off camera :-(

Now, what were they advertising?

Anonymous said...

"Where have the Flopsy Bunnies gone?" :-(

Cymraeg llygoden