Friday, December 07, 2007

For Magnus

A short, but appropriate excerpt from Viking Kittens. Click the link to blow your mind and for a lot better video

UPDATE: In 6.5 ns after posting, Munin points out that the source of goodness is Joel Veitch at (the URL was wiped out by the Blogger fuzzies) and points to his favorite


Anonymous said...

That is Rather Good. My personal favourite:

Anonymous said...

a bit of tangent perhaps, but since a lot of this blog is about science, skepticism and, now, Led Zeppelin... maybe it fits...

Here is an excerpt of Michael Shermer's talk on skepticism at TED in 2006... featuring "Stairway to Heaven"...

(The entire talk is great, here:
P.S. Michael did eventually come around on climate change! SciAmerican June2006)

Sparrow (in the coal mine) said...

Munin said... That is Rather Good. My personal favourite:

I'll never understand cat lovers. In the spirit of Chick-fil-A's Holsteins I present you:

Save a sparrow and order some today!

Magnus said...

"Can whisper the tales fo gore"!