Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cool station of the day

As has been pointed out by others, Tony Watt's surface station site features the hot, which bothers many readers. Several really good posts have asked whether they really are so hot, and whether this makes a difference in the long run, a station that is hotter than the surrounding area being balanced by one(s) that are cooler. Eli and the bunnies are starting a new feature "Cool station of the day"

Now where would a Rabett find a cool US weather station? Perhaps where the most cooling has been seen in the US, the southeast, and yo there it is, the whole package, Bainbrige GA, a GISS rural station,

UPDATE: The rake in the face crowd demands to see the temperature data.

Like Eli told you real cool. For fun, think of how the as nearby trees grow over the years, the amount of shade increases linearly leading to increasing cooling.


Dano said...


This is proof of the reason why some glaciers are advancing.




Anonymous said...

Good boy rabett,keep collecting the photos - really- no sarcasm. I don't really trust you so put temp graphs with them as well. For each cool staion the whole shebang old Rabett.

Hey Dano that you. Keep taking those tablets old son

Even better than best


Anonymous said...

Oh no, he's moved to the dark side...

Now YOU'RE showing stations that don't match the siting requirements.

"This just in, hell has frozen over. Details at eleven..."

Steve Bloom said...

It's crystal clear that they nust have installed that AC unit backwards back in 1978.

Cynthia said...

Dr. Rabbit, now that you've 'fessed-up that you're nothing more than a pseudo-intellectual, I've manged to uncover your true identity:;)


Anonymous said...

Steve, you may be onto something big here.

If we could install all the air conditioners in the world backwards, just think of the cooling we could cause.

As long as we had very well insulated government offices to vent the heat into (perhaps into Cheney's underground bunker), we could ensure that the temperature outside remained at a cool 60 deg F during summer.

In the winter, we could release some of the heat (give Cheney a little break) to offset heating costs.

bjc said...

They must have real small paper companies in Georgia.

Anonymous said...

You done good rabett, you done good. Now remember we got a pact, more cool stations photos to come,temps and all.

Little Stevie Bloom missed you to, all out of his depth at the smart blogs. He enjoys playing with boys his own age

Even better than best


Anonymous said...

Why does JohnS sound so much like JohnA?

Oh, now I remember why.

Anonymous said...

No relation, no known contact,but fine first name. But has Dano, Bloom and Boris ever been seen in the same room at the one time? Has recent Hansen "end of world as we know it" comments been scripted by TCO. Very sus! Hey Rabett more cool photos with ACs and car parks. What, none?!

Even better than best


EliRabett said...

John of the shadows. . .

Anonymous said...

Why continue this endless (and pointless) speculation about the effect of AC's, BBQ's and trash barrels on the US surface temp record?

Why don't we just agree to throw out the entire US dataset and see what effect that has on the global mean anomaly.

Let's see, that would be about 0.6*0.02=.012 deg C reduction in the global mean anomaly for the 20th century.

Wow! Before I did the calculation just now, I never would have guessed that the US influence on global warming was so large.

Now, I can see why some are making such a big deal about this stuff.

The surface stationeers are way ahead of the pack on this one. Yes indeed, 0.012 C is highly meaningful -- even though the 0.74 deg C global anomaly is not, of course.

Who can argue with such unpeckable logic?

Why even bother? Let us instead dispense with the US data with no further discussion and get on with important matters -- like sending Watts' volunteers into outer space to take photos of aliens barbecuing on satellite solar collectors.

Hell, I'll even chip in $10 for such a noble cause.

Anonymous said...

Typical faith warmer, cry poor when job to be done -$10 for Watts journey, why its not even enough for a days worth of Dano's tablets. And given Watts will find out about temp changes, ie, earth getting a bit of BBQ spray from aliens.

Why stop at only not using US dataset. Whole temp measurements are shonky, so remove 100 % of 0.6C and you get... anon of above, you tell them.

Even better than best


Thomas Palm said...

What's so strange of an AC in reverse? We have lots of heat pumps in Sweden to heat our buildings. For larger ones you usually drill into the ground for the heat, but smaller ones work just as AC units in reverse, cooling the outside air.

Anonymous said...

JohnA...I mean JohnS (Dano signature copycat)

Typical denialist claptrap.

Fine. Do as you like. Throw out all the surface station temps. But you will still be left facing reality: all the other evidence showing warming: satellite data (showing warming of troposphere and cooling of stratosphere), shrinking glaciers, melting/disintegrating Greenland and polar ice sheets (both in the arctic and antarctic), rising sea level, borehole data, an on an on.

You can throw out data to your denialist heart's content and it won't mean a thing -- because nature does not give a hoot for ideologically-based denial.

Anonymous said...

oh the slings, the slings and nature not hooting at me any more.
The faith warmers taking a hooting nature from me- too much to bear! Dano, you and your brother are so cruel

A little sadder than best now


Anonymous said...

Nature may not be hooting at you, JohnS but it is undoubtedly howling (like a hyena rolling on the ground in uncontrollable spasms of laughter).

Anonymous said...

Typical faith warmer, cry poor when job to be done -$10 for Watts journey,"

OK, you convinced me. I'll give him $20.

Better yet, maybe, just maybe we could get NASA to chip in a few billion bucks to send him and his Wattsketeers to Mars to take photos there.

I hear the global warming conspiracy on Mars is even worse than here. Watt's photos may be precisely what is needed by the Martian public.

Maybe Watts could get the "Martian Chronicle" to write an expose' -- and put an end once and for all to wild speculation about Martial Warming -- and Martian canals and Martian life at the same time.

Marion Delgado said...

What's bothersome is that this may be the start of a process I mentioned in comments on Stoat:

Kooiti Masuda said, in part:

It smells to me that the accuser takes advantage of the closed policy of C[hina] on one hand, and the principle of freedom of information of USA and UK on the other hand, to harras[s] a scientist whose conclusions the accuser do[es] not like.
But this allegation may be unfair to Mr. Keenan. His opinion about the issue of copyright found in his website suggests that he is a friend of knowledge as global public goods and a foe of any secrets.

And I replied:

Kooiti Masuda:
You are not being unfair in the slightest. Keenan is another denialist, as his fraudulent statement about "the hockey stick" [being debunked as he was] praising McIntyre shows.
But there's an overarching consideration. Yes, of course, you're going to find, eventually, errors and distortions. And if you have partisans like Keenan and McIntyre involved, only the ones that would pull climate change and global warming artificially higher will be emphasized. There's no one at all going the other way, and there will now have to be.
And THAT makes what was a normal scientific process, with errors either way being found essentially at random, with obvious biases in favor of open information and physical accessibility vs. some partisan angle, into a he said/she said situation more comfortable to these pseudoscientific trolls, who regard Austrian economics as the pinnacle of "real science" to begin with.
Eventually you'll have pro-environmentalists saying we found this, this and this all skewing the IPCC's (xxx university's, xxx agency's, xxx study's, xxx facility's) numbers away from the true (higher) climate change
[already seeing this for instance at RC], and these paid denialists and their crank acolytes pushing the other way, and you might - though it's unlikely - achieve an eventual balance thereby. But in the process, the very data collection and analysis process moves into the realm of politics and comes into disrepute. And that, frankly, is the goal of McIntyre among others. Indeed, their whole coven has attacked first consensus, then peer review, then the collection of data. That's WHY they're properly labeled the war on science contingent.

So my worry is, are we already there?

Anonymous said...

Am I seeing double. Old marion, not content to blather on some never never land site elsewhere, now believes we should be entertained here. He enboldens as well- is that environmentally friendly. Marion obviously has been to this university xxx, agency xxx, but can anyone tell us where xxx really is? Does it have a temp measuring station that has an anomaly of yyy, is there a building zzz close to it. Has a photo been taken by www. Old Marion is not alphabetically challenged he just needs to repeat things a lot. Something common to a lot of faith warmers- I must believe Hansen, I must believe Hansen .......

heres nature hooting at you, kid


Anonymous said...

Anon very considerate to go $10 to $20, miserly to miserly +.Spend up man. Also typical of faith warmers to have someone else pay big bucks. Kinda like warmers leader Gore telling the world about energy conservation, when he emits the equivalent heat of a small nation, and he wants the small nation to cut back.

So marion, no more boldening- do your bit to cut energy misuse.

Natures hooters


luminous beauty said...


You'd be funny if you weren't so stoopid!

Marion Delgado said...

Oh humm, why do creepy trolls think I am addressing them when I post things?

John S, and other creepy trolls:

For future reference, other than right now, I am literally never addressing you. you're not only beneath my dignity, I want to encourage you to do something else with your time besides increasing the noise to signal ratio on the internet.

Anonymous said...

I have won, I have won! I am called a troll. I need not ever come to this site again. Marion Delgrado has called me a troll and this from a person who is king of trolls. I thought Dano may be first with the T word, yes I would have been disappointed,- ah Marion, bless you old son.

You wonder why I think Marion is king of trolls (really king of fools). He tells me, only this once, mind you, that he is not going to talk to me. I am cut to the quik... You're an idiot marion.

Rabett I leave a happy man-you keep those cool photos posted now ya hear. What, still none?!


Anonymous said...

I originally thought JohnS sounded like JohnA, but now that I have seen a few of his posts, I'd have to say that JohnS makes JohnA look like Einstein.

Anonymous said...

"I need not ever come to this site again."
Now, that's good news if I ever saw any.

Anonymous said...

If you conveniently chop the x-axis at 1978 it does show a warming trend.

Anonymous said...

Really cool! Obviously fails to adhere to site guidelines