Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mice bearing gifts
(Anyhow this is not an endorsement of which is a free anonymizer.)

In the comments to Motl's folly, SCM (To be known henceforth as Some Cool Mouse if he or she does not object. Eli is a nerd bunny, with very strange cool standards:) points to a great toy, This is a set of calculators for spectra, atmospheric profiles and much more put up by GATS Inc.

  • Even the free version gives you access (click on Spectral Databases) to HITRAN, with graphical output.
  • The Spectral Calculator on the free version appears to be currently limited to 100 cm^-1, chunks which makes it awkward for some uses.
  • The Atmosphere Browser gives you fingertip access to atmospheric compositions, pressure and temperature for various standard configurations.
  • The Solar Calculator tells you sunrise, sunset and the position of the sun anytime, anywhere (on Earth). Perhaps of interest to the weather obsessed at Capital Weather and elsewhere
  • And finally, the generic unit converter
They are selling subscriptions for more functionality, such as access to GEISA and HiTEMP data bases, ability to model larger spectral regions, etc. GATS is a contractor to various agencies (NASA) for remote sensing.

Ms. Rabett calls, the roasting carrots ARE burning on the barbecue. Later tonight Eli will run through a calculation using these toys showing the effects of pressure, temperature and composition on CO2 spectra.

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