Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ethon* comes whispering, Roger Pielke Jr. - Deceit beyond bounds

Buried in the comments at (8/3/06 9:16 AM) Promethius RP Jr. had this little cutie

Bob Herbert's column today in the NYT is "climate porn":
"As I’m writing this, the lights have been dimmed in much of The New York Times Building . . ."
His solution? Elect Al Gore.
Actually, what Herbert concluded was
I think the single most effective thing most ordinary Americans could do to become more informed about global warming -- and the steps we need to take to fight it -- is to go see Al Gore's movie, ''An Inconvenient Truth,'' and read his book of the same title.

It would be a shame if it turns out that Americans have been so deprived of leadership for so long that they fail to recognize it when it's offered to them.
Our Roger pulled a full Coulter there. A Coulter is wonderful tactic, providing a footnote or link that points to something which directly contradicts what you are claiming in the (most often realized) hope that no one will follow up. And you know what, without Eli and the Ethon, no one did.

You might also want to read Herbert's column to see what else he actually said. You can find it in Lexis Nexis among other places

Roger Jr. continues with
Al Gore was on a Boulder radio station yesterday, asked what people can do about global warming, he replied, "See my movie, buy my book . . ."
OK, then what?
Why do I suspect that after those .... Gore said something like

  • Motivate a critical mass of the public and influential constituencies to demand strong and just action to cut U.S. emissions and to make solving global warming a national political imperative.
  • Implement solutions to global warming that cap and cut U.S. global warming pollution emissions in the near term, setting a framework and trajectory to reduce emissions by more than half by mid-century.
  • Develop a political consensus for further international agreements that includes full participation by developing economies in achieving emission reduction targets.
What were the words after "buy my book"? Someone with posting privleges on Prometheus might want to ask the good Prof. Pielke. It seems that without Eli and Ethon Roger feels free to.......
Appropriately, Herbert's Aug 10 column was entitled Deceit Beyond Bounds.

*Ethon was a gigantic eagle born of the monsters Typhon and Echidna. As punishment for stealing fire from Mount Olympus, Zeus had Prometheus chained to Mount Caucasus, where Ethon was set to gnaw on his liver. from the Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

"Someone with posting privleges on Prometheus might want to ask the good Prof. Pielke."

Some of us with posting priviliges will simply no longer do so because of the rhetorical games he plays.

EliRabett said...

Yes, I thought it would go a bit quiet over there when the double up plus good were removed and proper thought control instituted.

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