Monday, May 22, 2006


Well a certain someone has threatened to cut Eli's ears off, and the NSA and all that is following everyone around, so, for the truly paranoid we recommend TOR an anonymouse net communication system from the Electronic Freedom Foundation. It does slow things up tho however some of the results are fun, for example, being rerouted to all the Googles in the world.

Did someone hear a seal bark?


Anonymous said...

yea, but Tor is so horribly slow. I waste half my day just waiting for pages to load. This page took 45 seconds.

Of course, you could just come clean and identify yourself, ER. The people you're sniping at from the bushes put themselves out there for all to see -- phone numbers, photos, email address, publications, CV's, work history, etc. What are you afraid of?

QUASAR9 said...

I take it that is you slicing his head off.

[Let's go back to what I said: "I would argue that there is a strong consensus that most of the warming over the last 50 years is likely due to human activities."]

If someone wants to cut off your ears for saying that, my only reply is that covering HIS ears, or EYES, or burying HIS HEAD IN THE SAND, will not make the fact go away.

Laters ... Q

EliRabett said...

Not necessarily Q, it could be Roger P aiming a bit lower. The point about Thurber is that he was so ambiguous. Something I aspire to.

As to TOR, I think I am going to run two browsers, one with and one without.

Eli (a Rabett in exile)