Sunday, December 04, 2005

Eli is writing a grant proposal....

with folk from a really big research university. The question is what do you do when the rabett hole goes down to Australia. Life is indeed different on both ends. Eli does all the budgeting, processing and begging at the research administration office himself with a boost from an occasional passing Co-PI. The guys on the other side have resource specialists, grant administrators, paperwork runners and more. They need it. Their F&A (AKA indirect cost) rules are so complex that you need a CPA to get it right.

Don't bring in the dollars there and you get a stall in the restroom for a lab and a space next to the washbasin for your office. At Eli's NRHU (non-research habituated university) getting a grant means more work rather than less. Eli, besides being a rabett, is a good gerbil. As Ms. Rabett points out Eli is a silly rabett.

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