Thursday, November 17, 2005

Announcing a new contest... How much does that textbook cost

Dean Baker thinks that textbooks are longing to be free and what we need is the ability to copy texts off the net. Other than the fact that Eli has done this and finds it a bad investment of time and money (them cartridges cost), he also knows that the textbook publishers make their books available at less than half the price outside of the US (does this perhaps remind you of drugs...., perhaps grandma should pick up your books on her trip to Canada).

Anyhow, a bit of googling showed that a popular chemistry text, "General Chemistry" by Ebbing and Gammon, costs $145 in the US and L34.95 in the UK (about $60) in the UK.

We invite everyone to find the most outrageous difference between textbook prices from the US and Europe or Japan. Prices are to be quoted from Amazon. Use to compress any urls. Prizes to be determined later (probably a textbook).

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