Sunday, September 11, 2005

A first post ....

that feels like an oral presentation on an obscure topic in a small hot room at a not very well attended conference during lunchtime.

That pretty much sums up the direction of Rabett Run. Eli Rabett is a not quite failed professorial techno-bunny, a couple of chair elections from retirement, at a wanna be research university that has a lot to be proud of but has swallowed the Kool-Aid. The students are naive but great and the administrators vary day-to-day between homicidal and delusional. His colleagues are for the most part merely fey but not harmless. This is not to say that they are not smart, they are, but that they have a curious inability to see the holes that they for dig themselves. Prof. Rabett is thankful that they occasionally heed his pointing out the implications of the various enthusiasms that rattle around the department and school. Ms. Rabett is thankful that Prof. Rabett occasionally heeds her pointing out that he is nuts. There are no little Rabetts, so you will not be hearing about the doings of Jessica the Wonder Child. As he grows older, Eli has learned that it is less important what is done, than that it be done well and consistently.

Eli has published a fair amount of research in a wide variety of engineering/physical science areas and is almost competitive. He does know most of the people who do research for a living and some of them might respect him, if they knew who he was. Some of what he knows is relevant to climate studies, although he is not a climate scientist as such, and he has commented on other blogs on climate, as well as chemistry and physics.

As someone who has floated between chemistry, physics and engineering Dr. Rabett is a mile wide and an inch deep. But he is also familiar with the lack of understanding the inch wide and mile deep folk have about most things and the curious implications of this among what are probably the brightest group of people on the earth.

So hello, I must be going.


Anonymous said...

I would be glad to read the contents of this blog if ever you shoose to continue writing here. Someone with such education might be a worthwhile read.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr(or Dr) Rabett

I have read your comments on number of blog forums wrt global warming.
Your responses to me and others have been rude.
I am not sure what you are trying to achieve, but invective is no substitute for courtesy and dispassionate response.
If you are able to support your assertions with appropriate reference please do so.
I am a 50 yo medical practitioner.
I am still learning how to repsond appropriately to written and verbal criticism.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Montgomery BSc MBChB

EliRabett said...

First of all a fine Christmas to you sir. Second, for the most part Eli meets rudness with rudness and can be quite the nice bunny otherwise. If I overstepped in your case, I apologize. However you did nail me because I had not, in that case, RTFR. I am still thinking about it, as ice ages are certainly initiated by M cycles. Third, while I do not have expertise in some areas of climate science, as a chemical physicist, there are several in which I am professional. As it is my practice to provide information as best I can, and since I have done so in many, many posts, please foregive me if I have not met your standards.

I believe some of the nature of our interaction is dealt with in two posts on Rabett Run