Monday, February 28, 2022

Coming Home to Roost

Perhaps out of place but one of the things that Eli has noted with some amazement is how quickly banks and industrial firms are signing on to sanction Russia, this even includes Swiss banks and the oil and gas companies like BP and Shell. Traditional neutral countries as well, including Switzerland and Sweden (as well as Finland, but that is anothe story).

OK, given the sanctions they don't have a lot of choice, but they are going well beyond on their own. What is motivating this?

Table from

Ransonware, hacking and malware from Russia have been a constant drain. It's not just the ransoms, it's the huge financial and mental pressure of protecting every system at every level. It's not just the big companies but even small, down to the mom and pop level. 

And this is a time to get some of their own back.

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